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Monday, January 25, 2016

Job Seeking and Interview Tips

Nowadays is kind of fast moving the job seeking process as the companies has changed a lot the way they look for employees and the way they hire them.
The clothes I would recommend you while searching, wear comfortable clothes and elegant, but not too much elegance as you want to save that for the interview.

Once in the interview, always wear a suit with a tie, never fail in this no matter if you are interviewing for a construction job or manager, first impression always count.
Also, you should cut your hear short and be clean shave. This point is very important for employers as they want you to be in a certain way the face of their company, so they want you clean and presentable.

The Resume:
Today that copy and paste issue is passing by as well as the ".pdf" file attached to the email. They like innovative ideas that shows how creative is the person they will hire. Make a resume in the way of a website, give them access (until certain limit) in your social networks account (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ect)
Again, they want to know how creative and problem resolution you are, the way you present yourself not only in real live, but online will tell them that you are the right candidate for that position you are applying for or simply, you are not.

Keep searching, that's your job now and for your record, at the moment when you find the job, it means that you are good enough. 

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