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Monday, January 25, 2016

Tips and Advice about phone interviews

im still a student, and had to have a phone interview with my university. The cases sould be different, but i hope to be of help.
To start with google up telephone interviews. they have lists of frequently asked questions, and advice on how to sell ur self
Another advice is to sit somewhere quiet and comfortable. Donthave anything that could distract u( like tv, a friend, adog) lock urself, with pen paper, ur application form, and anything lse of relevance. in my interview, there was such heavy rain, i could hardly hear the professor.
Jot down the answer t some classical questions, but be prepared for the unconventional ones. They are used to see ur actions under conditions of high stress.
always ask questions, but not too many. Do ur home work about the company. sometimes, if u have to, ask a questipn u quiet know the naswer to, just to keep the conversation flowing. they usually say the interview is informal, but thats a lie!!
Hope this helps. searching on the internet really helped me, and i got an offer in a really prestigious university!!

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