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Monday, January 25, 2016

Second Interview tips for Accounting Clerk Position

They will probably ask about your knowledge of the company's accounting software, if they didn't in the first interview. You should also be prepared to provide examples of times you've contributed to a project and used mullt-tasking skills. They may also ask behavioral questions to assess your personality and ethics. These questions present you with a situation and ask what you would do in that situation. offers general accounting tips, so review their payables section for potential questions. Skills tests are often used for clerk positions, and this site can help with that as well. They may also test your general math and verbal skills.

At the end, ask about the primary responsibilities of the job, what they hope the person hired will accomplish in the position, and changes they wish to see. These questions will show you are motivated to help the company and contribute the their long-term goals. 

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