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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Engineering Graduate interview Tips?

As a former employer I interviewed many people for jobs.

First and foremost I was looking for people who were reliable and competent.

In the interview situation I looked for the following in the candidate:


being well-dressed.

being articulate (well-spoken).

pleasantness and politeness.

someone who looked you in the eye and spoke with conviction and as much self-confidence as they could muster.


being business-like.

someone who answered the questions directly without verbosity (bull-s...t).

someone who was prepared to admit that they did not know the answer to a question and not insult my intelligence by trying to bull-s..t me.

Of course, I would make allowances for the fact that the candidate would be nervous and usually started with the more general, easier questions to try and get them to relax so that their natural personality (or lack of) would shine through. Technical questions would come later.

Above all else, look people in the eye and speak directly to them.

Good luck ! 

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