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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Teen job interview tips?

Prepare and rehearse your answers to the following general interview questions. Write out your answers and then rehearse your answers aloud so that you feel comfortable with the wording. Be sure to make your answers upbeat and positive.

(The answers are examples)

Q.) Are you familiar with our company? What do you know about the company?
A.) After researching your company on-line, I found that …..
Tip: This shows initiative, ambition.

Q.) What are your strengths?
A.) I excel in accuracy of data input in my computer classes…
Tip: Include the grades you received in your classes to strengthen your answers.

Q.) What are your weaknesses?
A.) My lack of experience but I’m a quick learner willing to attend any classes or training that may be required or suggested.
Tip: Make it a good weakness. One that you can enhance by adding a willingness or ability to improve.

Q.) Tell me about a difficult situation you’ve encountered and how you handled the situation.
A.) Recall a difficult experience you’ve had and explain your reaction.
Tip: Again, try to be upbeat and positive in your answer. Telling a story is the easiest way to answer. “This happened so I did this….”

Q.) What is your idea of an ideal co-worker?
A.) Someone who is pleasant, helpful and positive.
Tip: Many times your answer to this question will describe your own personality.

Q.) How would you handle working with someone you didn’t like?
A.) Generally I try to accept people as they are and find the good so there really aren’t too many people I genuinely don’t like, but I guess I would concentrate on doing my job and just avoid spending any more time than necessary with this person.
Tip: Conflict between employees can be very costly as it may sometimes require much of a supervisors time. This question is looking for someone who can manage with little supervision.

1.) Be sure to make your answers brief but complete.
2.) Avoid rambling on. Answer the question, then stop talking.
3.) Be clean and well groomed
4.) Arrive 10 min. early
5.) Greet your interviewer with a handshake and a smile.
6.) Remember to make good eye contact when you speak.
7.) Make a conscious effort to remember your interviewers name and use it when speaking. “Thank you John for taking the time to speak with me.”
8.) Speak clearly
9.) Let your personality show when you are interviewing. Be courteous and friendly. The interviewer wants to see who you are as well as what you have to offer.

When the interview is over, smile, shake hands and thank the interviewer by name, “Thank you for your time, Sarah”. Follow up with a thank you note at your earliest opportunity to make a continuous, good impression.

I hope this information is helpful. Good luck with your interview.

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