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Thursday, January 7, 2016

What are some good Job Interview Tips?

 If you're getting job interviews, you evidently have a very good resume! Make sure your references are good to go.

If you check the look of business execs (women and men) in places like banks and law offices, you'll get an idea of what hiring managers are looking for.

Keep your dress conservative and classic at whatever place you interview. Classic colors are black, navy or gray with white collared blouses in a good material like cotton (i.e., something not see through).

Wear a nice suit .. jacket, skirt, and blouse. Even if all you have is a wool suit for a summer interview or vice versa, wear that. If you're a gal (bridget), wear a skirt to the knee (not too short, not too tight. or split too high anywhere on the hem). If you only have pants, make sure they're not too tight or too short (never low slung on hips). Never wear jeans. If jeans are ok there, you can wear those After you're hired if allowed, but not for an interview.

Wear a low (1"-2"), closed toe pump in a coordinating color with your suit (black with black, etc.). Be sure your whole shoe and heels are free of wear and dirt.

Celebs go without pantyhose, but business people don't. Wear a pantyhose color that's suitable for your skin color so it matches the color of your skin. Get one with a spandex in it so it doesn't look squishy like nylons (check Hanes and No Nonsense for a spandex of about 10%-15%).

Keep your jewelry small and minimal (a conservative watch is really enough).

Keep your make up minimal. A little blush and mascara is plenty. No heavy or bright lipstick.

Don't wear cologne. Fresh and clean is the only smell you want to have for an interview.

Wear your hair conservative and be careful of overpowering hairspray smells. If your hair is long, make sure it's really neat. If it's not, pull it back or up with a conservative barrette or non decorative bobby pins.

Always arrive early ... 10-15 minutes is good.

Smile and be very nice to everyone you meet ~ receptionists, people who pass by you, etc. (no conversations, just smile and say hello).

Don't talk too much. Let the interviewer lead you and do most of the talking. Just because an interviewer asks 'Do you have any questions?' doesn't mean you Have to have any. If you want to ask something, you can ask when do they think they'll be making a decision? Of course, never ask about salary/money or benefits. That will come later if they call to offer you a job.

Make sure you take your resume with you along with your references on a separate sheet ~ and both on good, plain white paper to give the interviewer. Carry extras in case you're whisked off to interview with someone else in the company. If you don't have one, get a small, flat business resume case to carry these in. If you can't find an inexpensive one, just carry them in a plain manila folder.

Always have a pen and pad with you to take out and write down anything important. You look prepared when you use your own pen to fill out applications when companies request them.

Make sure your purse looks conservative and neat; otherwise, don't carry it in to your interview.

Be confident but humble; breathe; don't be nervous. It goes a long way to acing an interview.

Thank the interviewer for the time they gave you.

Send a brief handwritten thank you note right away.

Don't lose hope. There are lots more people than there are jobs, so competition for the few jobs available is very high

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