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Thursday, January 7, 2016

What are some job interview tips?

 Some job interview tips would include: 

-Being prepared: This one of the most important thing a person can do. Research the company, position, yourself, etc. Learn about the company, be prepared to answer any questions they have to ask, come up with questions that you can ask them. Have your resume ready. Make sure it's edited and everything is good to go.

-Dress properly: Make sure you are dress appropriately for the interviews. If it's questionable, then don't do it.

-Be on time: You want to give a good impression. Usually a person can and will determine if you are right for the job in the first 1-3 minutes.

-Stay calm: You don't want to appear to be nervous. You want to show them that you are confident and that you are the person they need to hire.

-Make the interview into a discussion: It is a time that you are getting interview, but that doesn't mean you can't interview them back. Ask some good questions that can't be answered if you researched online. The more involved you are, the more it shows of how interested you really are in the position and the company. Recruiters really like that.

-Follow up: Be sure to thank the person every time. Always ask when you can hear back from them and if you don't, when would be a good time to call them back. You want to stay active throughout the whole process.

If you want more tips, just search up, "job interview tips" and you will find tons of tips online.

Hope that helps. 

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