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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Movie theatre job interview tips?

First it would have helped if you provided the name of the movie theatre where you are interviewing and state you reside; however, since you did not below are interviews shared plus questions shared by people who applied at AMC. In addition dress nicely i.e. black pant, long sleeve white shirt, black shoes etc. arrive 15 minutes prior to interview smile and shake hands. Most importantly review the movie website look under i.e. history or about us to find out i.e. how long in business, do they have a rewards card for customers, # of locations, community involvment etc. Good Luck!!

Usher, Cashier, Box Office Associate at AMC Entertainment Accepted Offer – Interviewed in Interview Details – Group interview was very basic, they just asked us our names our favorite movies and why we picked AMC. They told us they'd contact us after the group interview if we were a right fit for the company. I got a call two days later to set up a 1 on 1 interview with the manager. The 1 on 1 interview was a bit more extensive, asking about work experiences and what I would provide to the company. Interview Question –As you know our field of work attracts a lot of teenagers, how would you feel if someone clearly younger than you is giving you orders?Every person was expected to do a sales proposition for the AMC Stubs card?

Film Crew at AMC Entertainment Accepted Offer – Interviewed in Marlton, NJOct 2012–
Interview Details –. At the interview, they have you sit in the theater lobby and look over the Film Crew policies and the AMC Stubs card benefits brochure. In the interview, they'll ask you the basics; What's your availability?, Why do you want this job?, Do you work well with other people?; Then they will do some Stubs roll-play. They will go over the Stubs benefits one more time, and then you must convince them (acting as customers) to buy a Stubs card. This is where you must really excel, as this is a big portion of your job. 

If your Stubs percentage(Ratio of amount of transactions to amount of Stubs cards sold) is too low, you will be terminated. ITs simple though. If you get the job, they will either tell you right there and then, or will call you soon. Then they will call you to schedule a paperwork session where you must show them your Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, and some sort of Photo ID. Then they will give you your training hours. Do not miss any days of training, or you will be terminated. After that, you will start very soon afterwords.
Interview Question –When they tell you they will be doing some stubs rollplaying ?

Cashier at AMC Entertainment Accepted Offer– Reviewed Nov 2, 2012
Interview Details –. They left a voice mail saying that they had received my application and wanted to give me an interview, and to call back before ten pm that night. I went and called them, and talked to a woman who briefed me on what would be expected if I were to work there (if I had tattoos, they had to be covered, no extreme hair cuts or neon hair dye, etc.) and then when I agreed to all of it asked which time slot for the interview I wanted.I dressed in business casual and went in, then was given a pamphlet on the AMC stubs and requested to sit down. 

I read over the pamphlet for about fifteen minutes until the interviewer came out and brought me upstairs to the interview room. He was very nice, which was good because I was nervous as it was my first job interview. The first part was four questions about thing such as "Name a time that you experienced long lines and slow service?" or "Name a time you went to a restaurant and it was dirty?".. Then the second part was to sell the interviewer an AMC stubs movie benefits card. I gave it my best, and since I have some selling experience, I did pretty well. Then I shook hands with the interviewer and was told to go back downstairs and leave. What was the last movie you saw? What is your favorite movie? "What was one of your greatest achievements? ( use school if no work experience)

Source(s): College Career Instructor 

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