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Thursday, January 7, 2016

McDonalds Job Interview - Tips?

 1. Wear something formal, like a shirt and black trousers for any interview no matter how big a deal the job is.
2. I have worked at 3 McDonalds. The first one asked me 'Tell me about yourself', so did the second, who also asked me if I want to do part-time or full-time. I just told them I am interested in working in a fast food restaurant etc etc and at the moment I am not a student. And I don't mind if its part time or full time. The third one asked me what days and times I am available, and how many hours I can do each week. He also looked at a printed copy of my application form and went through my previous employment,asked a bit about those and asked me which one was my favourite. He also asked me how I got here 9like which bus).
3. After the interview they invite you to a 30 minute sesssion in which they basically put you in one of the three roles: cleaning in the lobby, on the till, or in the kitchen, and they see how you do. As long as you follow your instructions you should be fine. They will ask you to wear black shoes and trousers for this and once you come in they will give you a t shirt and cap to borrow.

4. Then they ask you to come to sign the contract once you pass the On -the job-evaluation session. You get £5.95 per hour paid every fortnight and each shift has a 45 minute break which you are not paid for (you have to clock in/out for breaks). If the restaurant is a franchise they will take £30 deposit for you uniform, if its company then its free. You can ask about this in the interview if you want, if the resturant is a franchise. Depending on how much experience you have and how well you speak English etc, they will assign you to either be in the kitchen (either making chicken, fish and veg food), the beef side, in the till or in the lobby where you would have to clean up after the customers, check toilets and empty the bins. On your first day you are given a clock in number like 364 which you need to memorise. At some point you will get an employee card where you can get a medium meal in any McD for like £2.29, and 30p more for a large meal. and £1.99 for a breakfast muffin meal.

Passing your interview should not be hard at all, as long as you don't moan about anything about the company. Be more concerned when you do your 30 min OJE (on the job evaluation). Thats when they test you. As long as you don't feel completely intimidated by the fast pace and mess EVERYTHING up you should be fine. For the breaks you get a free medium/large meal and any desert.

Ok, in the first store I worked in people were all really nice and chatty like a family. The second store is rubbish, no one talked to me and so I left. the third store is pleasent. Some managers can be power crazy and shout no matter how nice you are. Some people are smiley. Most people are not, and they are very miserable and not very nice :(. I am getting depressed going in. I am looking for another job. But McDonalds is a good place to start cos they say that once you work in Mcd, you can work anywhere. What I like though is that their timetable is flexible becuase you can tell them you want 3 days and then next week just 1 day or you can request like 3 weeks off. This has to be put down in the request book two weeks in advance.

They pick up trash from the streets and employ them in McD, so really dont worry. its not competitive to get in and they always have spaces cos ppl leave all the time cos so many people dont like it. they always moan about the wage. But you know what i actually like it becuase Its fun serving customers its cool to get free food. But the other people who hate it bring me down with their funny behaviour amd misery. Good luck :)

Source(s): My SHIT LIFE. 

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