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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Any merchandising interview tips!!?

Here is a list of some of the most common employment interview questions:

• What are your major weaknesses?
• What type of work experience do you bring to this job?
• What do you see yourself doing in 5-10 years?
• Why do you want to work for us?
• What assets do you bring to this company?
• Discuss a project or undertaking in which you have been successful, why do you believe you succeeded.
• Discuss something at which you did not succeed, what you learned from the experience.
• If you have supervised others, how do you think your staff would describe your management style?
• How do you feel about working in stressful situations?
• Would you describe yourself as a thinker or an action taker?
• Describe a goal you have set for yourself in the past and the steps you took to accomplish it.
• Pick someone in the business or professional world that you admire- why do you respect this individual?
• What do you do for fun? What are your personal interests?
• Describe the type of manager you would like to work for.

Practice answering questions thats going to be asked.

Research about the company/position and make a list of questions you want to ask to the interviewer in regard to the position.

Here are some questions to ask at interview:

• What are some the responsibilities of the position offered?
• Is there mobility within the organization, a possibility to grow within the company?
• What are the career paths in this department?
• What would you consider to be the most important aspects of this job?
• What are the skills and attributes you value most for someone being hired for this position?
• Could you describe a typical day or week in this position?
• The typical client or customer I would be dealing with?
• What are the most immediate challenges of the position that needs to be addressed in the first three months?

Arrive early to the interview, never be late.

Be confident, make eye contact, speak clearly, concisely, slowly. Never mumble your answer or rush through it.

Give a firm handshake, sit straight, pay attentions and be respectful. Make you SMILE (many people forget to you be suprised)

Remember to follow-up after the interview by sending a thank you letter/note/email.

Good luck!


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