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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What are good questions after an Accounting interview

If they just asked you to call back for questions it could be that they want to see if you have the initiative to call because they want to see who is really excited about the company. Or, it could just be a formality and they really don't have any desire for you to call them back. Since you have no way of knowing, it would probably be a good idea to call back just in case. At least that's how I'd approach it.

Perhaps ask about what the company is doing to face say a current event, either specific to the company or the economy as a whole, that you recently read about in a newspaper or magazine.

Perhaps call and ask how they are doing. Maybe, tell them you were just talking with someone about something they told you in the interview that you were really impressed with. Ask for more info on that thing.

Perhaps call and ask them to provide you with some feedback on your behavior in the interview so you could perhaps improve your interpersonal skills. They might be delighted that you seek to improve these types of things.

Take care. 

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