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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Interview Questions for a Hotel Manager?

1) What makes a good Hotel Manager? 

It takes a person that has an inner positive energy, and the ability to share and produce that energy in the staff that he/she is supervising. A good manager makes the job fun, exciting, and full of opportunity for all involved. 

2) What is your day like? 

Average day? 90% dealing with employees, guests, and prospective guests, including corporate client√®le and group management. 10% administrative tasks such as AP/AR, payroll, etc. 

3) What is you favorite part of the job? 

My favorite part of my job is that I have the freedom to positively impact as many lives as I desire. 

4) Do you belong to any outside organizations? If so how do you find them beneficial to you and your company? 

No, I don't have the time. 

5) How many and what times are the shifts at the front desk? 

Shifts run 7-3, 3-11, and 11-7. Sometimes I work the desk alone, or other times, with another person. 3-11 shifts can have 2 ppl, depending on our occupancy. 

6) What department is the most important aspect of the hotel? Why? 

Most important department? Depends on who's asking! Ultimately, marketing is the food, and reservations are the lifeblood for any hotel. But remember, it takes all departments working in unison to succeed. No department is above another. 

7) How do you promote your hotel? 

Typically on the web, special promos and packages, the chamber of commerce, and corporate gatherings. 

8) How will you handle large groups of check-ins? 

Adequate staffing to ensure that our guests do not have to wait. No one likes to travel a long distance just to wait in line! 

9) How will you train your employees? 

I prefer to let my employees be trained by all the team members that they will work with. This ensures a blended learning approach that lets them decide how best to do their job. 

10) What will make guests want to stay at your hotel? 

Tricky....if I could adequately answer that, I wouldn't need my job! I belive it is the combo of being in the right place, at the right rate, for the right people. 

11) What are 2 of your current goals and how will you execute them?

Skipped 11? goals are to constantly be improving my property, and my team, in whatever way possible. We never want to be complacent about our operation; tomorrow's profit can be taken away by any competitor with minimal effort. You can rest assured that they are working just as hard as I do!

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