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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Interview paper questions for people working in the accounting field

1. High school course. It turned out I was good at it.
2. BS in business administration, major Accounting.
3. I'm a controller of a small company. I prepare monthly financial statements and variance analysis reports when I'm not on Yahoo, payroll and human resources, manage cash levels and payable disbursements and occasionally take out the trash.
4. Patience, common sense, strong set of morals.
5. Highs - Getting my CPA license, becoming a controller it means I know something. Lows - it seems when something goes right it is the exception. Nearly everything I deal with messed up in some way or another. In public accounting, you have to compromise a lot of your personal life, the hours long, and there is the stress of deadlines.
6. Aim as high up the ladder as you can go - good grades, meet the right people who can help you along, stay focused on what you want out of it. I agree with the previous poster you can't do this halfway. The reward after wards can be amazing. If later you decide this is not for you, that's okay. Many of my friends have left the profession. My own brother is a CPA as well and now runs his own home improvement company. 

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