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Thursday, January 21, 2016

I'm having trouble with answering some potential job interview questions

These are answers that are unique to each person. They are generally called behavioral event interview questions and are designed to help an interviewer understand how your experience relates to a job. So there is no hard and fast way to answer them because every person has different experiences. I'll give you some ways to think about how to form an answer under each of them.

1. What was a difficult challenge you had at work and how did you overcome it?
**Think of a specific event that you thought was very hard for you to understand at work. It could be learning new software, new procedure or anything that changed and was difficult to understand. Now think about what you did to successfully make that transition.

2. What is a challenge you had with a team and how did you work together to overcome it?
**Easy answers to this are to use a specific process that had a deadline that you and a group of people needed to work together on to complete a project or process.

3. How do you build a relationship with a customer?
**Start this answer out with: "An example of a time where I built a good relationship was when..." and then finish the answer with your own experience.

4. Tell me of a time when you went above and beyond for a customer?
**Again, think of a specific time where a customer, boss or someone else recognized that you did something that made a positive impact on a customer. It could be finding something that nobody else could help with, jumping in to help solve a problem that is outside of your job description or any number of other things.

5. How fast can you react to a problem and give an example.
Start this answer out with: "I was once confronted with..." and then finish with the type of problem, and how you were able to quickly resolve it. My example to this would be "I was once confronted with a guest who was unable to sleep due to the noise created by a large convention in my hotel. They were really upset and the hotel was sold out. So I asked if I could bring a white noise machine into their room to see if that would help. I sent the maintenance guy to Target to buy one and told them that in the meantime, they could try turning the radio on in their room to static to see if that would help. The next morning, the GM called me at home and thanked me for being proactive, and that the guest really appreciated my help. We now have white noise machines in all the rooms with a corridor coming off the ballroom."

6. What do you think a managers role is, how it affects a team
**The simple answer is that managers communicate the value of their business to their team. They motivate, evaluate, and set expectations so that a business runs efficiently and profitably. 

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