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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Help with this interviews question how should I answer it?

That's a ridiculous question and may actually be illegal. It may be asking you to define your ethnic background (which can be illegal of an employer to ask in an interview) and it sets you up to look racist.

If a white person said "I didn't fit in immediately because all the other nurses were lazy fat black women who hate white people, so they always set me up to take the fall for things," they look like a racist prick. If a person who doesn't appear obviously Jewish says "All the women in the NICU ward were making fun of Hanukkah and I stood up for myself and yelled at them," they are disclosing they are Jewish, which could land the employer in serious legal difficulty.

The most diplomatic way to answer it is to say that you were educated around and have worked with people from all races, classes, and religions. You see discrimination around you every day and it has taught you to be sensitive and accepting of ALL people, not just those who you identify with. Say that you go out of your way to be racially, culturally, and religiously sensitive and that you love learning about different cultures, religions, and races not just out of curiosity but to make you a better nurse. 

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