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Thursday, June 6, 2013

construction project coordinator job description

The project coordinator works across groups, aligning internal team members and external stakeholders, arrange support services, order supplies, and track progress.

The crux of the job lies in taking all the people involved in the project together and successfully ensuring that the project's primary goal is achieved. It is about collective work rather than individual work.

Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.

  • Develops and maintains a detailed project schedule which includes administrative tasks and all sites involved in the project.
  • Sensitivity in working with vulnerabilised populations and experience of handling confidential information.
  • Participation in R&D Team Meetings.
  • Coordinate meetings, including travel arrangements and expense reports.
  • Maintain Project Managers calendars.
  • Sites include all coverage, control locations including central and secondary dispatch locations, backhaul locations, and generation plants and associated facilities.
  • Ensure coordination of the interfaces of R&D with DRA, Marketing, Medicine and Operations.
  • Prepare and/or edit meeting minutes, presentations and tables.
  • Demonstrated commitment to social justice, community development and human rights
  • Also included is the scheduled deployment of mobile and portable radios to meet district roll-out.
  • Members, ensure adherence to deadlines.
  • File all project documents (hard and soft copies)
  • Ensure coordination of the interfaces of all disciplines within R&D.
  • Proven problem-solving and analytical skills with an ability to approach a problem logically and systematically
  • The detailed schedule will include all project phases and dependencies including at least preliminary engineering, property review and acquisition, detailed design, material procurement, installation, test and turn-up, and site and system acceptance.
  • Responsible for effective and efficient management of the field programme, consistent with the project management cycle (including remote management of staff and programmes if required)
  • Commitment to the values and approach of CVC/COIN
  • Critical thinking skills and the ability to efficiently gather and process information in a fast paced environment are required
  • Responsible to track project changes and produces updated site based schedule as agreed with engineering and project management.
  • Compile summary documents, e.g. Product Development Plan, management Summary and Target Product Profile. Collect and include contributions of the Team
  • Responsible to take input from the business analysts and project engineers to develop and maintain the detailed schedule.
  • Prepare daily/weekly/monthly project activity reports including data analysis.

The other requirement for the job is the past working experience of two to five years which will be a distinct advantage for him or her.

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