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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Top Ten accounting interview questions

Here are Top Ten accounting interview questions that tend to come up. This is by no means an exhaustive list. The purpose is to illustrate the importance of preparation and refreshing your memory regarding specific projects and situations.

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List of  Top Ten accounting interview questions.

  • Tell me about a situation where you had to do research and analyze the results for a complex assignment.
  • Describe a tough academic decision you had to make, how did you go about this?
  • What is your reason for pursuing a career in the accounting profession?
  • What are the four classifications of Bad and Doubtful Debts as per the context of the Bank?
  • What is the difference between personal account real account and nominal account?
  • What is depreciation and how many types are there. Please give details?
  • Do you have any prior experience with managing invoice disputes?
  • What do you understand of the various functions of management accountancy?
  • Have you ever developed or improved any accounting processes?
  • What is your knowledge of current accounting standards?

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