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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Top bank interview questions and answers

How to prepare for bank Interview questions? Perhaps,this is a regular question asked by candidates. To help you prep plus the answers they gave.

Here are some commonly asked bank interview questions & methods to answer them.

List of  it audit interview questions.

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • What are your greatest weakness?
  • Why did you quit your last job?
  • What experience do you have in bank field?
  • What have you done to improve your bank knowledge in the last year?
  • Tell me about a suggestion you have made in bank field?
  • Why do you think you would do well at this bank job?
  • What can you contribute to the company?
  • What activities have you done in the past?
  • How much salary do you want?
  • What is your goal of life?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What exactly do you look for a job?
  • Why you would like to join this organization?
  • What is your philosophy of life?
  • How would you relate your key competencies to this position?
  • Why you have left this job?
  • What appeals to you most about banking & joining bank?
  • What are you learning that will help you in your work with us?
  • What do know about private and public sector banks
  • What question to ask an interviewer after a bank interview
  • What does the bank gain by hiring you?
  • How many divisions does Deutsche bank have?
  • What are the Types of Fact Tables?
  • How World Trade Organization control on whole world business?
  • How do you plan to achieve these goals?
  • Why did you leave your present/previous job/Company?
  • What is your career plan?
  • Why you choose the career in retail banking
  • What are your negative traits or weakness?
  • What is the theory of interest rates
  • What divisions operate in the region you are interested in?
  • Why do you want to work for Deutsche Bank?
  • What is a Conformed Dimension?
  • What you will do if i give a bank job
  • Why capital is shown on liability side in the balance sheet?
  • Why do you want to work in a bank?

If you don't know how to answer any of these questions, go to our Answers to

and to our Practice interviews where you will find detailed tips.

If you need more Interview questions and answers for entry Audit interview questions to ask, please leave comments.

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