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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cover letter for assistant manager

Use these downloadable templates to create your own CV or cover letter. You can also look at examples of completed CVs and cover letters to help you personalise your own documents.

Be sure to give them all the information they need to see that you're the right person for the job.

You can amend this letter as suitable and apply job vacancies.

Here are a few tips on writing a cover letter.

Daniel Hernandez 
19XX Hott Street 
Stillwater, OK 74XXX 

Aug 5, 2013

Ms. Helen Clark
Amedisys, Inc
XXX Roguski Road
Hosston, LA 71XXX

Dear Ms. ...

Start your letter with a grabber a statement that establishes a connection with your reader, a probing question, you want to mention the name of the job you are seeking and you should also mention any mutual contact you have within the company or a quotable quote. Briefly say what job you are applying for. If there is not a specific job, then simply state that you are seeking employment.

Explain why you think you are qualified for the position. You should not summarize your resume! You may incorporate a column or bullet point format here. Give evidence of your experience,  for example I have just graduated from a Bachelor of HR Administration - Assistant Director - Counseling Clients... Mention your most important qualifications. Remember, the reader will consider this an example of your writing skills.

In the third paragraph, should primarily thank the employer for his or her time, and explaining what you will do next (e.g., call the employer) explain why you would like to work for this particular company. You can also send an e-mail or a fax to follow up on the hard copy of your resume and cover letter, or you'll call on a certain date to set up a meeting. Finally, thank the employer for his/her time.


Christina Wright

Enclosure: resume

Good luck with your job hunting and leave your comment about this letter via form below.

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